Is she Flirting If she gazes in

Is she Flirting:

# If she gazes in your eyes with interest and if you see her pupils widened.

# If you see her blushing

# If she raises or lowers the level of her voice, to match up with yours.

# If she strokes her chin or feels her cheek.

# If she winks at you while talking to you or from a distance.

# If she expose the palms of her hand in front of you.

# If you find her sitting straight up and if her muscles appear to be firm.

# If she laughs in agreement with you.

# If you find her touching your arm, shoulder or hand while talking to you.

# If she plays with her jewelry, while she is on conversation with you.

# If she curls her hair while talking to you.

# If she singles you out in a big crowded area and talks only to you

# If you notice too much of the fluttering of eyes.

Women can be extremely playful when it comes to flirting.

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