more on romantic kisses…

*         Guys: Don’t try to jam your tounge through your girlfriend. Make kisses romantic, and extensions of your soul. Take the kiss slow, and try to make them the most pleasurable for both of you!

*         Sit in a quiet spot (preferrably next to a roaring fire) and make up your own stories. Include references to your first date, first kiss, and of course, use yourself and your love as the main characters.

*         Try kissing your partner from head to toe. Start kissing every single spot on their body. Take your time, gently kissing and noticing their reaction, that way you will notice those sensitive spots.

*         With some nice Jazz playing in the background, take your lady love’s hand and and kiss it on the back of her hand between the thumb and forefinger. While you are kissing, hum along with the

*         Here is a sure way to get a kiss from your loved one. Go to the nearest pizza place and have them make a pizza in the shape of a heart and cut the tomatoes to say “I love you”. They are sure to thank you with kisses.

*         Have you and your love both eat a different flavor of popcicle. Then start kissing and dive into the mixed flavors with your tongues!

*         Have a stop watch and try to maintain your kiss for longer than a minute. Keep training and move up to 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, and up to 25 minutes and go that extra mile.

*         Never forget the goodnight kiss and always say “Sweet Dreams and I Love You.”






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