Romantic games

*       Play “Taste the Rainbow”.  Blindfold your partner and feed them fruity candies.  See if they can guess each flavor.  Next, put the candy in your mouth and then give them a kiss.  See if they can guess that.

*        Go buy at least two light romantic games and play them at least twice this week.

*        Tell her how you feel in a game of Hangman, use phrases like “I Love You” or words like “Kisses”.

*        Play Twister together and get all tangled up. If you’re in the mood for fun, this game is a classic. Clear some space on the floor, put on some upbeat music and see where the night takes you.

*        Have a board game night. Buy a bunch of chips, dip and other finger foods to snack on and get ready for a competitive night of games! For a fun romantic twist… whoever wins the most games gets one free wish!






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