Romantic Phone Calls

Our lives are busy.  Often the phone calls between you and your partner are rushed, businesslike and unfriendly.  Why not take the time to place a few fun, loving and romantic phone calls.  Don’t be surprised if the first call doesn’t go well, that is a sign that your phone calls in the past haven’t been fun and friendly enough.  After a couple of loving calls, your partner’s harsh exterior will melt away.


*        Call from your business trip just to say “Hi!  This place sure would be better if you were here”

*        Go home and call her to talk about nothing.

*        Call her voice mail and give romantic instructions that must be completed

*        Make excuses to call them every five minutes.

*        Even if you are really busy, take time out to call them just to say “I love you.”

*        Call their work and ask in advance for a leave of absence.

*        When you know that your love is working overtime… call them to say “I love you” and hang up… that’ll make them a happy person in the morning.

*        Call your mate at work an play your song.

*        Place a heart-shaped sticker on your wristwatch to remind you to call (only if itâs not digital)

*        Call their machine at home and say something like “Just thinking of you” or “I Love You”.

*        Call him on the phone one day and see if he is home. Then act like you are really busy and you will call him back, but to stay there because you REALLY need to talk to him. Then, as soon as you hang up the phone, race over to his house and surprise him with a bouquet of flowers.

*        If you live in a dorm with a roommate, make plans for your roommate not to be there for one whole night so you don’t have to worry. Call your love over and do anything you want.

*        When you say you’ll call, CALL!

*        Call in the middle of the night just to say “I love you”.

*        Call them up at work to remind them you love them.

*        If you have two phone lines or an intercom in your house. Call your love up and say: “I just called to say ‘I love you!’”






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