Romantic Ideas

more on romantic kisses…

*         Guys: Don’t try to jam your tounge through your girlfriend. Make kisses romantic, and extensions of your soul. Take the kiss slow, and try to make them the most pleasurable for both of you!

*         Sit in a quiet spot (preferrably next to a roaring fire) and make up your own stories. Include references to your first date, first kiss, and of course, use yourself and your love as the main characters.

*         Try kissing your partner from head to toe. Start kissing every single spot on their body. Take your time, gently kissing and noticing their reaction, that way you will notice those sensitive spots.

*         With some nice Jazz playing in the background, take your lady love’s hand and and kiss it on the back of her hand between the thumb and forefinger. While you are kissing, hum along with the

*         Here is a sure way to get a kiss from your loved one. Go to the nearest pizza place and have them make a pizza in the shape of a heart and cut the tomatoes to say “I love you”. They are sure to thank you with kisses.

*         Have you and your love both eat a different flavor of popcicle. Then start kissing and dive into the mixed flavors with your tongues!

*         Have a stop watch and try to maintain your kiss for longer than a minute. Keep training and move up to 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, and up to 25 minutes and go that extra mile.

*         Never forget the goodnight kiss and always say “Sweet Dreams and I Love You.”

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Romantic Kisses

*         French kiss.

*         Take her hand and look into her eyes, gently kiss her cheek and place her hand over your heart.

*         Don’t take your lover for granted.  Be nice to them.  They deserve it.  Talk to her the way you would a colleague.  Be kind, courteous and friendly.
*         Kiss them for all the bad things that happened that day.

*         When you look into their eyes, tell them how you feel deep down and gently kiss their cheek.

*         Three little words: Three little kisses. (between the eyes, on the tip of the nose and the lips)
Kiss your love from the toes up… but when you get to the head, donât kiss their lips until they are begging for it.

*         Very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, tell her you love her, and kiss her lightly.

*         Kiss every part of their body.

*         Lightly kiss their collarbone and their jawbone (just below the ear) and whisper “I love you.”

*         Kiss at every chance you get.

*         Kiss/smell her hair.

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Romantic Surprise Ideas

*         Surprise them with breakfast in bed.

*         Surprise her with dinner and dancing. (On dinner and a movie date night)

*         Keep your relationship full of surprises.

*         Surprise your lover with a deep shoulder massage while they are at the computer, doing tedious work.

*         Surprise her by handing her the remote.

*         Give him little surprises where he least expects it.

*         Surprise them often with different comments. (Like telling them that you don’t THINK you love them, but you KNOW you do…)

*        If their favorite sports team is in town, surprise them with two tickets.

*         On your first anniversary, surprise them with a limousine ride for the night. The two of you can cuddle in the back just like you did on your prom night and enjoy a night on the town.

*         Fulfill one of their teenage fantasies: borrow or rent a convertible and surprise them with a moonlit ride.

*         Surprise your partner by unexpectedly doing something for them that they dislike doing.

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Romantic Phone Calls

Our lives are busy.  Often the phone calls between you and your partner are rushed, businesslike and unfriendly.  Why not take the time to place a few fun, loving and romantic phone calls.  Don’t be surprised if the first call doesn’t go well, that is a sign that your phone calls in the past haven’t been fun and friendly enough.  After a couple of loving calls, your partner’s harsh exterior will melt away.


*        Call from your business trip just to say “Hi!  This place sure would be better if you were here”

*        Go home and call her to talk about nothing.

*        Call her voice mail and give romantic instructions that must be completed

*        Make excuses to call them every five minutes.

*        Even if you are really busy, take time out to call them just to say “I love you.”

*        Call their work and ask in advance for a leave of absence.

*        When you know that your love is working overtime… call them to say “I love you” and hang up… that’ll make them a happy person in the morning.

*        Call your mate at work an play your song.

*        Place a heart-shaped sticker on your wristwatch to remind you to call (only if itâs not digital)

*        Call their machine at home and say something like “Just thinking of you” or “I Love You”.

*        Call him on the phone one day and see if he is home. Then act like you are really busy and you will call him back, but to stay there because you REALLY need to talk to him. Then, as soon as you hang up the phone, race over to his house and surprise him with a bouquet of flowers.

*        If you live in a dorm with a roommate, make plans for your roommate not to be there for one whole night so you don’t have to worry. Call your love over and do anything you want.

*        When you say you’ll call, CALL!

*        Call in the middle of the night just to say “I love you”.

*        Call them up at work to remind them you love them.

*        If you have two phone lines or an intercom in your house. Call your love up and say: “I just called to say ‘I love you!'”

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Romantic games

*       Play “Taste the Rainbow”.  Blindfold your partner and feed them fruity candies.  See if they can guess each flavor.  Next, put the candy in your mouth and then give them a kiss.  See if they can guess that.

*        Go buy at least two light romantic games and play them at least twice this week.

*        Tell her how you feel in a game of Hangman, use phrases like “I Love You” or words like “Kisses”.

*        Play Twister together and get all tangled up. If you’re in the mood for fun, this game is a classic. Clear some space on the floor, put on some upbeat music and see where the night takes you.

*        Have a board game night. Buy a bunch of chips, dip and other finger foods to snack on and get ready for a competitive night of games! For a fun romantic twist… whoever wins the most games gets one free wish!

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