Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on February 14th, is considered a special day for love and lovers. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great fervor in many continents of all across the world including Europe, Central and South America, Asia, and in the countries of Middle East.

Valentine’s Day is especially famous and popular among young people, and also remarkably popular among the married couples, for expressing their promising feelings of deep and genuine love, affection, and concern for their beloved or spouse. One special day devoted to such original, gregarious, and generous feelings for one’s beloved or spouse, is certainly a sensible idea, resulting in greater and stronger bonds of love, affection, intimacy, and dependability. However, the youth while celebrating Valentine’s Day, must be considerate and mature enough to consider the abiding by of various traditional customs, conditions of spontaneous and reciprocal love, and a wise and mellow outlook for making love relationship.

In India, Valentine’s Day celebration started gaining ground around the year 1992, with special radio and TV programs. Today, Valentine’s Day has become quite prominent and popular in India, but its recognition and celebration confront diverse oppositions from many Hindu and Islamic traditionalists. However, despite such obstacles, the Valentine’s Day in India is being more and more popular day by day.

Valentine’s Day Celebration

In present times, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a large number of countries all across the globe, with elaborate preparations and great romantic fervor. Valentine’s Day celebrations are more or less common in all countries, and essentially include the sending of well-wishes, cards, or flowers, and other gift items, and spending some time together – for enhancing love, understanding, and intimacy greater. Valentine’s Day gives a reason to the married person also to express one’s love and intimacy to spouse, and celebrate the good fortune of being together, and loyal to each other, forever.

Valentine’s Day cards, fresh flowers, chocolates, and various confectionary items, are the most popular and traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. However, today, diverse jewelry items are emerging fast as popular and preferred Valentine’s Day presents for women. Going on dating with lover or spouse on the occasion of Valentine’s Day is indeed very bright and romantic idea, for celebrating this Valentine’s Day festival. A candle-lit dinner together with your intimate companion in a restaurant of choice is another impressive way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Cooking favorite dishes or Valentine’s Day recipes on the Valentine’s Day with the help of spouse, too, is very touching and connecting conduct. In many countries, Valentine’s Day dance parties and balls are also organized by prestigious clubs and hotels, both for youngsters and married people, for celebrating the love festival of Valentine’s Day. Private Valentine’s Day parties are also organized in homes and farmhouses, for enjoying the elusive company and great intimacy of their beloved ones at leisure.


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